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Casually Baked, the potcast: Discover hemp and cannabis 420 style

Hi, y'all. I'm Jo.

Casually Baked, the potcast is home base for the canna curious. As the modern cannabis culture evolves, it's interesting to discover how and why people like you are incorporating marijuana into their lives. Explore the highly responsible side of pot as we lighten the stigma and build your canna confidence!

Whatya say? Let's get casually baked.

Dec 6, 2021

How can we make experimentation for cannabis newbies an intentional, confidence-boosting experience rather than a very expensive game of whack-a-mole? Besides listening to this potcast, pretty soon you’ll be able to learn about cannabis at the state fair… at least in California.

If you’re picking up what I’m putting down, please rate and review Casually Baked, the potcast wherever you listen. That one small action helps other canna curious folks find highly responsible discussions like this one with the co-founders of SC Labs about the science of cannabis judging and the dominant terpenes directing your cannabis experience. Find more info about the CA State Fair Cannabis Awards in the Potcast 215 show notes at