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Casually Baked, the potcast: Discover hemp and cannabis 420 style

Hi, y'all. I'm Jo.

Casually Baked, the potcast is home base for the canna curious. As the modern cannabis culture evolves, it's interesting to discover how and why people like you are incorporating marijuana into their lives. Explore the highly responsible side of pot as we lighten the stigma and build your canna confidence!

Whatya say? Let's get casually baked.

Aug 28, 2018

It's harvest season! Do you know where your cannabis flower is grown? I hope this potcast inspires you to find out and appreciate the art of farming and cannabis cultivation. I recently visited my friends' farm, Steep Hill Mendo, in the Emerald Triangle to see how everyday life has changed for our small California cannabis farmers since adult-use legalization. Check the show notes for cannabis tourism opportunities + see pictures from my tour with farmer Mat.